Chad Poe

Pastor. Speaker. Communicator.

As someone not simply called to speak, Chad believes in the importance of relationship and seeks to get to know people when he is away from the stage. Ultimately, Chad hopes to see people moved into a deeper relationship with Christ. In turn, they will live lives of action that impact their world.

Chad preaches God’s Word through storytelling, media, and visual experience — clearly presenting the Scripture in order for people of all ages to examine and apply Biblical truth to their everyday walks of life.

What Others Say About Chad

"On several occasions I sat transfixed with hundreds of students while Chad Poe opened the Word of God and made it live before us. His gift of preaching and teaching the elusive Gen Z—along with every other generation that has the privilege of hearing him with a Bible in his hand—is encouraging and instructive. This man knows how to put the cookies on the lowest shelf and make it sweetly accessible to everyone. I learn from Chad every time I hear him."
Dr. Hershael York
Dean of the School of Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
"Teenagers today must hear the gospel in a way that gets their attention. Chad Poe does that in how he presents the gospel through easy to comprehend storytelling. He captivates teens with humor and compassion as he clearly demonstrates God's love and sacrifice for all."
Dr. Merrie Johnson
North Carolina Baptist Convention
"Chad is more than a colleague, he is a brother that I have journeyed with with the common ambition to deliver Christ honoring, Scripture Saturated Sermons that are authenticated by a genuine love for an audience demonstrated by personal investment off stage. I dearly love this brother and you will too!"
Ed Newton
Lead Pastor, Community Bible Church
"We have the privilege of partnering with Chad in our summer camp ministries. I am confident that when Chad preaches he will be faithful to God's word and will present the gospel clearly giving students an opportunity to respond."
Ben Trueblood
Lifeway Students
"Chad Poe communicates the Word in a clear and relevant way that I appreciate. As a Biblical communicator he spends time not just being excellent, but caring about being authentic. He cares about the people he leads and serves with."
Roger Davis
President, YM360

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Chad's Latest Sermons

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